Friday, August 9, 2013

Quick - do some training!

If you caught the Frontline story on Assisted Living recently, or heard or read many of the radio interviews and news stories that followed you might be thinking something like this, "Yikes!  I'd better up my training - quick!"

You might be a little bit panicked about how best to do that.  After all, training isn't all you have to do.  In fact, it may be one of your very lowest priorities. 

Hopefully you realize that it DOES need to be a priority - even though it does need to be FAST, EASY and EFFECTIVE.

You need a training solution that works for you.

Let me share a quick secret:  we can help!  Whether you're looking for DVDs that can be used over and over again for training, or an online solution that lets you assign, track and print quick, comprehensive reports (survey visits?  Piece of cake!), the Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) has your solution.

Full disclosure:  IPCed is my company.  It's a company I created, along with my husband/partner and some amazing team members, the year we sold our own Memory Care Communities to the company that eventually became Emeritus.  So do I know the issues and concerns about training?  You bet I do. I actually know - personally - the attorney that cleaned Emeritus's clock.   It's exactly the reason IPCed exists today.

My one piece of advice to you?  Avoid the Frontline.  Avoid the lawyers - that goes without saying.  You'll do it much more effectively if you can answer this question easily and definitively:  So how do you train YOUR caregivers?  Produce the documentation to show you train ABOVE state mandates - and that everyone on your team has the training they need - and you won't be easy pickins' for TV or for the defendants' chair. 

Call us today - toll free - 877-843-8374.  We can hook you up with training that will get you out of the spotlight and into the place you want to be - proud of your organization; proud of the quality of care your own team provides. 

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